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I am sure that all members hearts and thoughts are with those affected by the devastating bushfire across Australia.  We are all in awe of the tremendous efforts of the firefighters, emergency crews, and all support personnel.  The spirit and resilience of affected communities are inspirational.
On behalf of members, KKOG has made a $5000 donation to the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Appeal.
The Management Committee encourages all members, if you have not already done so, to donate to one of the many disaster relief appeals available.
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General Info (public access board) / Re: Tyre Management systems
« Last post by russincoll on 17 January, 2020, 08:03:50 PM »
I agree with your thoughts that mirror my experience except that my system has/does indicate loss of pressure while driving and starts beeping if below the set point.  Recently one of my tyres was a bit low and on a cold  morning it would be below the set point and would beep until the tyre warmed up.  As yours does, it will hold the last pressure when the sensor is out of range but once the sensor is back in range it seems to pick it up and display the correct pressure.  A bit disconcerting but once you know it you ignore the reading.  I have had no problem with the TPMS reading changes in pressure if I drop the tyre pressure or increase it.  My system does change pressure reading as I drive and the tyres heat up even though it is constantly powered.  I recently fitted airbags to the rear of the MUX and have noticed that the TPMS now reads the front tyres hotter (higher pressure) and the rear cooler (lower pressure) as the load is more evenly distributed so I am comfortable that the system is giving me real time pressures.
General Info (public access board) / Re: Tyre Management systems
« Last post by Lyn and Paul on 17 January, 2020, 03:41:17 PM »
 I too use the Safety Dave unit and have been very impressed with it. I like the internal battery of the display unit lasting a week or so of travelling before I need to plug it in. I also got the range extender antenna but have not had any range issues to warrant plugging it in.
I also have a bag of Fobo T valves that will  get installed next month with the new tyres and looking forward to being able to adjust pressures without having the take sensor off first (yes I know its a first world problem :) ).  https://www.sparesbox.com.au/part/fobo-tyre-t-valve-tvalve

Current challenge is to locate a spare rim for the RR at a price that doesn't make my eyes water.
General Info (public access board) / Re: Tyre Management systems
« Last post by Barryjred on 17 January, 2020, 11:56:25 AM »
I also bought the safe T Dave tpms last June. Been delighted so far. Paid 400 I think at Brisbane caravan and camping show for the 6 tyres. I love the security of knowing tyres are ok particularly when travelling on rough roads.
General Info (public access board) / Re: Tyre Management systems
« Last post by Gregm on 17 January, 2020, 11:39:21 AM »
yep well not a big fan of the tyre dog tpms system i have ( 6 wheels ) paid about $600 for the full 6 wheel and relay kit bought direct from tyre dog - had it for only a few years now tends to work intermittently and found the readouts unreliable as allan says as often is showing a previous old read out even when i have deflated tyres for sand etc but after a few minutes it may pick up one or two and occasionally maybe all of the changed pressures - and right now after changing all sensor batts plus put new lithiums in the relay i cant get a new read out on any tyre pressure at all - so have just about given up on it - although still think they are a good idea when travelling but they have to work effectively so will probably look elsewhere for a new replacement system

General Info (public access board) / Re: Tyre Management systems
« Last post by Allan-RoKK on 17 January, 2020, 11:01:04 AM »
Russ, I believe the way the sensors work is that they send a signal only when they detect a change in pressure in the tyre above their threshold. So when you start up and power up the receiver it is not getting any signal until you run for a little while and the heating of the tyre causes a slight rise in pressure triggering a signal. I do not know if the receiver always locks on to the first few signals or whether it needs a few to register. When you unscrew the sensor the pressure drops to zero and triggers a signal, when you screw it back on it sends another signal and so it is locked on - usually.
Now for the bad news - having wired it in to 12 V you have a signal constantly displayed - at least that is what it appears, unfortunately this is not necessarily the case. What it does is retain the last value that it had which could have been from days before so although you feel comfortable that you have a lock on the pressure this is misleading.
To give you two instances of this:
1. We did the Simpson crossing a few years back and although we left the Karavan at Birdsville we still appeared to be reading the van tyre pressure all the way across, the reading never changed and it was solid.
2. Last year we shredded a tyre on the van at Normanton and when Police stopped us to tell us about the flat tyre I glanced at the readout which was solid and told me we had 45 psi in the tyre. Obviously the receiver missed the reduced pressure signal.

These things are a great aid but they are not foolproof. Personally I think powering them up each time is a safer way to ensure that you are getting the correct reading.


General Info (public access board) / Re: Tyre Management systems
« Last post by russincoll on 17 January, 2020, 08:35:23 AM »
I have had a Tyredog TPMS system on 6 wheels for about 5 years.  They use small sensors that screw on the valve.  They work OK but can take up to 10 mins or so to establish connection to the readout when powered up, which was annoying, so I wired in a permanent 12V outlet and now it is permanently connected and no issue.  No sure why the delay because if you screw of a sensor and replace it on the wheel it connects immediately.
Sensor batteries last about 12 months and are cheap button cells.  They recommend steel valve stems but my tyre fitter recommended against those because a rock may break them, but I have had no issue using rubber valve stems.  One of the covers was broken by a rock but you can buy replacements in Australia with the correct wheel number on them.  I then also bought silicon covers for the caps to protect them, about $20 a set I think. I bought the original system on eBay for $300-$400 from memory from a seller Taiwan.

General Info (public access board) / Re: Tyre Management systems
« Last post by Peter Donaldson on 16 January, 2020, 09:14:23 PM »
We use the Safety Dave system and it is excellent. We did need a free repeater unit in the back of the Ute canopy to get stable results from the LHS of the KK. Only issue that we have had was with flexible valve stems on the KK which was eliminated by short lengths of inflexible hose. The T valve stems sound a good idea however we have found that we don’t use the locking grub screws on the sensors and have not had any come loose. They are then no different to a valve cap.
General Info (public access board) / Re: Tyre Management systems
« Last post by Glen & Simone on 16 January, 2020, 07:23:38 PM »
We are currently running the Doran RV360 from LSM as mentioned earlier.
We did have Innawise internals fitted but had failure where the sensor fell apart inside the rim. Was not keen initially to have external sensor but certainly happy now with this choice as when internal sensor came apart did quite a bit of internal damage to the tire.
Doran is quite accurate but costly. Happy with this choice.

General Info (public access board) / Re: Tyre Management systems
« Last post by lindsayfay on 16 January, 2020, 05:53:34 PM »
Now that’s a good idea Croaky re the Fobo  T.  Airing up and down  has been  a bit of a problem.
I also use the safety Dave system
General Info (public access board) / Re: Tyre Management systems
« Last post by Croaky on 16 January, 2020, 05:07:09 PM »
Hi Gagey,

I've got Safe-T-Tyre TPMS (by Safe-T-Dave), had them on last two vehicles and can recommend them (very similar to tyre dog and many others).

I've combined them with Fobo tyre 'T-valves'; which tuck sensors out of harms way (better than sticking straight out) and allow you to pressure down and up without removing sensors.

Internal sensors sound great, but require tyre removal to change batteries and from reports I've heard can be damaged/destroyed by tyre fitters even if the tyre fitter is told they are fitted, expensive to replace.

pictures attached, fitted to alloys on old vehicle and steel rims on new vehicle.  [ Invalid Attachment ]  
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