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News:Due to the implications of the Covid19 Pandemic:
The 2020 AGM will be held on-line on 17th June at 10:00am.  A formal notice for the AGM, with business papers, has been posted here.
The Annual Gathering planned for Atherton Tablelands in FNQ has been postponed and will now be held in August 2021


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Changes for Prospective Members

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When we first setup this site, the Public Boards were open for "guests" to post here and ask questions. Due to some spamming and posting of inappropriate material, we closed the public section to viewing only.

We now seem to have gotten this under control by disallowing huge chunks of the internet from accessing this site (fingers crossed).

So as a trial we are now allowing guests to create posts and reply to posts in the public section. Just click the "New Topic" button, or click on a post and click the "Reply" button.

For prospective members there is a lot of information here and the site is very active. Images at the bottom of this post show some site statistics and a preview of the type of info to be found here, just click on the image to view.
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Well I have turned off the ability for "guests" to post here.

An experiment that didn't work, cut short by those idiots who would spoil it for everybody else.



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